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For Medium/Large Dogs
(22-99lbs | 10-45kg)

Your dog’s poop in a bag! Poochy is the most comfortable, clean, healthy, indoor and outdoor, vet approved solution for regular relief – and it really works!

Bundle includes:

1 Poochy Clip
+ 30 Medium bags
+ 30 Large bags

Clips for Smaller Dogs Coming Soon

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    Additional Information

    • Collection Bags - Size Selection
      Medium – for dogs weighing 22-44 lbs, 10-20 kg | Large – for dogs weighing 45-99 lbs, 21-45 kg
    • Hands-Free Scooping
      No touch and no mess
    • Premium Comfort
      For you and your dog
    • Patented Bag
      High quality smart collection bags
    • Indoor & Outdoor Solution
      For when the weather is too rough
    • Vet Approved
      Poochy was designed specifically for dogs and their anatomy, with the continued professional help of veterinarians. Poochy stimulates your dog’s poop reflex, keeps him regular and builds a healthy routine, naturally and with no negative side effects!

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