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Poochy trial kit:
Clip + 30M + 30L bags

Extra medium
or large bags

Standalone Poochy clip
(no bags)

Poochy - small poop bags coming soon
Small Clip
and Bags

Suitable for
smaller size dogs

Coming Soon

Poochy dog character

Full money back guarantee

if your dog isn’t 100% satisfied.

Poochy clip

Customer Reviews

Ryan H. & Joe
Loving it!

Makes clean up a lot easier. The messier it is, the worse it is for me. So having this product helps get rid of that.

Beverly L. & Buddy
It works!

Once your dog is used to having it on their tail it works extremely well!

Ashley G. & Cecilia
It's easy

Poochy has made a huge improvement in the ease of cleaning up after my dog.

Mary T. & Tankeinstein and Karma

This product is truly amazing! I don’t have to worry about leaving any presents behind in the grass anymore. Happy mom and happy pups!