Attach the collection bag to the clip and easily place the clip around the base of your dog’s tail when you go for a walk. When your dog is ready to poop, the droppings will fall directly into the collection bag. Once the dog is done, take the clip off his tail and press the button to toss the bag into the bin.
For further details please refer to our How-To page.

Poochy is so soft and creates almost no pressure, so you can leave it on for as long as your walk takes.

Poochy doesn’t require training, although some dogs may need a few tries to adapt. We found that within a few days of using Poochy, most dogs get excited when they see their owner reaching for Poochy, letting them know it’s time to go out for a walk.

For further details please refer to our How-To page.

Our bags are approximately 80% smaller than the average poo bag, so that the amount of wasted material is reduced to a minimum. Using Poochy also means droppings never touch the ground, thereby minimizing health hazards and pollution caused by dog fecal matter.

Poochy was designed specifically for dogs, according to dog anatomy and tail shape. It’s not designed to work or be comfortable for other animals.

Poochy fits any dog with a tail 2 inches or longer.

Yes, made of quality materials and too big to swallow, Poochy is safe for children. Please use with adult supervision.

We designed Poochy with top veterinarians with the well-being of your dog as our first priority. Poochy’s soft silicone cushions fit comfortably on your dog’s tail without hurting him at all.

Absolutely, your dog can move and behave as usual.

Never. Using Poochy will keep your hands – and the ground – 100% clean at all times.

Poochy was designed with top veterinarians to be comfortable for dogs of all breeds and sizes. When you order, you will be able to select the appropriate Poochy collection bag according to your dog’s size.

No, Poochy works perfectly well with both male and female dogs.

Poochy is the only available solution that can easily collect any kind of waste, including doggy diarrhea.

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