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Channel 20 (Israel)

Piqapoo on Calcali Balayla (כלכלי בלילה – Economy Tonight) – CH 20 – Israel. Full video at http://bit.ly/2s7e3u9 (starts at 28:40)

Channel 1 Israel

Featured on Hamahadura – Channel 1 on IBA. Full video at http://bit.ly/2s7e3u9 (Piqapoo/Poochy starts at 28:40)

YNET (Israel)

Former CEO Gideon Hazan and dog trainer Meir Bar-Ilan – interview on Ynet Israel Full article. Full article originally published here: http://bit.ly/2r5lRMR

CH8 Singapore

Video article about our former incarnation as Piqapoo, on Channel 8 Singapore – Originally posted here – http://bit.ly/2rPVJTf

Nana10 Channel 10 (Israel)

If you’re tired of picking up after you dog, Piqapoo has the perfect solution to your stinky problem. Read the full article and watch on CH 10 (Nana10) – https://13tv.co.il/item/online/gadgets/ntr-1218723/

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