collecting your dog’s poo,
so you don’t have to!
Hands free!


About Poochy

Poochy was designed by dog parents with the dog’s wellbeing as top priority.
Poochy is made up of two parts:
A silicone clip which fits around the base of your dog’s tail. Constructed from plastic with soft silicone cushions for seamless comfort. Easily adjustable for dogs of all breeds and sizes. So light and comfortable, your dog will not even feel it.

A disposable collection bag hangs below the clip. The bags are made of thin plastic which is light yet durable enough to prevent leakage, not bulky for the dog, and with an opaque nylon cover that the feces from view.

Poochy has been tested by more than a hundred dogs, and the feedback we received has been overwhelmingly positive. Easy to fit and durable enough to contain any texture Poochy provides the cleanest and simplest solution for dog waste disposal.

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