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About Us

For dog parents by dog parents

At Poochy, we’re all dog parents and big dog lovers. The discomfort and erratic bowel movements our dogs experience when they are not in a routine, when they are ill, or when they are aging could result in messes and stress, and it may even lead to euthanization.

Poochy was developed to ensure your dog’s happiness and health, as well as your own peace of mind. With Poochy, both dogs and their owners can feel relieved from potentially sad, stressful, and messy situations.

Our offices are located in New York, Israel, and Cyprus. Poochy has been tested on thousands of dogs. According to the results, this alternative solution ensures your dog feels relieved regardless of the situation (i.e. illness, old age, anxiety). Owners and dogs are left relaxed, happy, and relieved as a result.

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