About Poochy

Poochy was originally designed for the visually impaired and disabled.

The concept of not touching, seeing or picking up poop became so popular that we released the product to everyone!


Poochy is made up of two parts:
A soft silicone lined clip that fits around your dog’s tail. It is so soft and light, your dog will barely notice it. Our current clip fits dogs weighing 22-99 lbs (10-45kg). We have one coming for smaller dogs soon.


The second part is the custom Poochy poop bag, specially designed to work with the Poochy clip. The disposable poop bag hangs below the clip, strategically placed to catch your dog’s poop. No touch and no mess! The bags come in two sizes – Medium for dogs 22-45lbs (10-20kg) and Large bags for dogs 46-99lbs (21-45kg).


We have tested Poochy on thousands of dogs to the delight of pet owners everywhere! Once you experience the ease of using Poochy you will never look at poop clean up the same way.


Poochy provides an easy, clean and simple solution for dealing with your dog’s poop.

Happy running dog
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