This new & patented hands-free poop scooper was initially designed to help the handicapped and visually impaired. Found to help dogs relieve themselves faster and regularly without the hassle of regular poop bags.


Why Poochy is good
for my dog?

Poochy is the new craze for dogs’ parents! It has the power to give your dog a feeling of routine, trigger pooping, help with digestion, and release pressure. Poochy is seamless and comfortable, your dog won’t even remember it’s there.

All it takes is 5 minutes to get your dog used to Poochy; that’s faster than to get him/her used to a collar! And remember, happy dog, happy life 😉


Relieve Faster & Regularly

Feeling of Routine

Comfortable & Seamless


Take only 5min to get used to

Indoor & Outdoor Solution

Real dogs. Real results.


Poochy trial kit:
Clip + 30M + 30L bags

Extra medium
or large bags

Standalone Poochy clip
(no bags)

Small Clip
& Bags

Suitable for
smaller size dogs

Coming Soon

Poochy is the solution to give your dog a consistently healthy lifestyle
We love dogs. Dogs love Poochy.

Full money back guarantee

if your dog isn’t 100% satisfied.

Poochy Never Misses

Free tracked global shipping
on all orders

Not completely satisfied?
Send it back for a full refund


Because who doesn’t
love free stuff?

How to Poochy - Easy as 1-2-3

Place Poochy on your dog’s tail and when he/she poops it will fall directly into the bag!
Your hands and the ground stay clean. Enjoy your walk with no messy cleanup!

Place Poochy around
the base of your dog's tail

It’s so light & soft your dog won’t even feel it

Let your dog
do his/her business

His/her poop will fall right in the bag

With a press
of a button

The bag is in the bin!

Healthier Living

Healthier Living

By using Poochy, your dog’s poop will never touch the ground. This means that health hazards and pollution caused by dog fecal matter are minimized for you and the environment.

Stink Free

Not to mention less stinky mess.

Cleaner for All

Poochy also helps keep the city streets, public parks and neighborhoods clean, making for happier dogs and happier people.