Poochy is the easiest way to take care of your dog’s business.
Get the best and 1st no-touch system for collecting your dog’s poop!

Simply add our patented bag to the Poochy Clip,
put it on your dog’s tail and go for a walk!

Poochy Starter Kit
Includes 1 Clip & 28 Bags

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Benefits of Poochy

  • Never touch or pick up poop again!
  • Stimulates your dog’s poop reflex keeping him regular, naturally
  • Helps your dog relieve herself at the beginning of the walk increasing comfort!
  • Vet approved & recommended!

How It Works

Place Poochy on your dog’s tail and when he/she poops it will fall directly into the bag! Your hands and ground stay clean. Enjoy your walk with no messy cleanup!

Place Poochy around the base
of your dog’s tail.

It’s so light & soft your dog won’t even feel it.


Let your dog do his/her business.

His/her poop will fall right in the bag!


With a press of a button,

the bag is in the bin!


How to get your
dog used to Poochy

Using Poochy for the first time?
Make your dog a happy Poochy user in
no time. Watch our video

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